Off-Site Modular Loft Conversions and Home Extensions Light Steel Framing Construction System

After over 6 years of development, 1000s of man hours and over a half a million pound of investment, we’re happy to announce that our exclusive Off-Site Modular Loft Conversions and Home Extensions Light Steel Framing Construction System is ready for action.

So if you’re looking for a professional building company that not only specialises in lofts and extensions but uses the latest in innovation and creativity, to give you even more value, then you’ve come to the right place….

Consulting & Advisory Services

Our experienced team of modern methods of construction experts are ready to advise and help you plan your next project. Get in touch!

Small Build

The Modula Plus methodology is proven even for small build projects such as loft conversions and back extensions.


From single, panellised systems to complete housing estates, Modula Plus can design, supply and install at any level.

Commercial Projects

At Modula Plus, we are very familiar with the challenges of creating high-quality, cost-effective commercial & industrial environments, all over the world.

Core Benefits

Lighter & Stronger

LSF has the highest strength to weight ratio of any other construction material. This combined with lightness allows potential of building on top of existing buildings without impacting on existing foundations

Green & Sustainable

Galvanised steel is produced from recycled steel and is itself recyclable. ‘Cut to fit’ technology ensures minimal waste in the factory and on site with reductions on skips, transportation and landfill costs

Health & Well-Being

LSF allows high levels of thermal insulation and air tightness reducing heating costs. High levels of acoustic separation are also achieved through the air tightness and the different density boards also provide the fire integrity. The steel itself is none combustible and therefore does not add to the fire load. Steel does not creep, warp or shrink and therefore does not add to the deterioration of the internal finishes reducing maintenance.


Sites where steel is used have minimum disruption to the environment and the neighbourhood with reduced site activities and the speed of construction. The transportation and delivery of materials is reduced and on site safety is improved with the use of the lighter components. Steel can be adapted to almost any design and the cladding materials become aesthetic rather than structural so any type of cladding can be adapted or adopted to suit the client or the local planning requirements.

How Can We Help You?

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